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    I use the latest hair styling techniques and the best products offered by any beauty salon. At my beauty salon, the main focus is to help a client maintain their healthy hair and in order to do so we use the best conditioners to protect your hair.
    We service one person at a time, depending on what their hair care needs are. This one on one service guarantees ultimate client satisfaction. I provide the following services:
    Highlights, Hair Color, Balayage, Ombre, Silver Hair, Double Process, Men and Women's Haircuts, Hair Extensions, Blow Dry, Curls, Updos.
    I also specialize in Hair Botox, a smoothing cream, and keratin treatment, both of which are free of formaldehyde. I use Olaplex and many other hair repair treatments. I come to work early and leave late, including Sundays.
    The best way to reach my is via text or call 786.463.2469.
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Our Services

List of Services We Offer
  • Balayage
  • Hair Color
  • Hair Color Repair
  • Hair Botox, Keratin Free Formaldehyde
  • Hair Extensions
  • Haircuts
  • Blow-Dry
  • Flat-Iron
  • Curly Beach-Looking Hair
  • Silky & Shiny Hair
  • Repair and Restore Hair
  • Up-dos
Hair Highlighting

Hair Color by Rosa offers excellent hair coloring, including hair highlights. Looking for a new edge? Whether you just want some lighter strands or even purple streaks, come into our beauty salon and leave looking and feeling great. Each hair highlighting specialist stays updated on all new coloring trends, offering hair cuts for both men and women.

We offer a wide variety of hair services to fit your individual needs. If you need color correction, we are a hair experts that can help! If you are a man who wants to lighten your hair, we can help you as well. Each hair stylist we have can help you get your dream cut, whether you're looking for a subtle change or some dramatic flair. Our creative hair stylists are knowledgeable, experienced, and dedicated to providing you with the best service possible. Simply looking for an estimate? No problem! We offer quotes and consultations free of charge. For the best blonde highlights around, we are the salon for you!

Contact Hair Color by Rosa in Miami, FL for all your beauty salon and hair dying needs.


Hair balayage styles are a popular trend in the hair coloring industry. Such hair color application mimics a sun-kissed natural-looking hair color, for a vibrant, healthy hue in your hair. When applied properly, the balayage pieces are held close together and soft at the root, before leading into a thicker highlight at the ends of your hair and allows a streak of color that is very soft. Balayage styles incorporate a more natural look than the traditional ombre style and do not use foil for hair highlighting techniques.

When you visit Hair Color by Rosa for a fresh new look, we pride ourselves on giving you a beautiful look with our top-notch balayage techniques. We can choose the placements to best complement your haircut, skin tone, and features so that your new balayage looks stunningly natural.

Visit us today in Miami, FL to learn more.

Hair Color

If you are a little shy about dying your hair, our hair color specialist can ease you into this change with some subtle hair coloring such as highlights or lowlights to see how you feel about it. If you are looking for a drastic change and want to go mysteriously violet or wildly platinum, Hair Color by Rosa can help you out with this as well!

Our beauty salon uses only high quality hair color product lines and also offers hair color correction if you have undergone the unfortunate event of a drastically bad hair coloring. The hair stylists at Hair Color by Rosa is experienced with mixing and applying color to any type of hair. When it comes to hair color, our stylists are proficient at getting the precise color to match your expectations.Talk to our blonde hair specialist today if blonde hair is what you're looking for.

We can restore your hair’s health with deep conditioning and return it to your original hair color after it has been discolored by harsh dyes or sun bleaching. Come visit our beauty salon in Miami, FL today for all your hair color needs!

Hair Color Repair

When you've had a drastically unfortunate hair coloring situation, come to Hair Color by Rosa in Miami, FL. We'll help you with any hair color repairs and corrections you may need. Whether you want to smooth out your blonde hair look or recolor your hair in a more natural style, our hair stylist can assist.

Our beauty salon understands all the intricate ends of hair coloring. No one wants to walk outside with a overly yellow hairstyle or a color several shades brighter than your original intended hue. Our color correction services can assist in providing you the exact shade you want and how you can maintain it after the hair color fixes are made.

See what we can do for your hair by calling (786) 463-2469 today!

Hair Extensions

Hair extensions have become very popular because they add length and volume to flat or lifeless hair. Extensions also allow you to quickly add new colors and styling to your hair without having to harm your natural hair. We make hair extensions look natural; making it is hard for others to tell they aren’t real. Our beauty salon offers a variety of colors and length options for you to customize your look.

Just because you have a busy life, doesn’t mean you can’t look glamorous and accessorized with some beautiful hair extensions. Our hair stylists have been working with human hair extensions for many years and their experience is well worth the trip. We can also apply extensions to add some more oomph for any special events hair! With us, we want bring your hairstyle to perfection. We also provide men's and women's haircuts to give your look that beautiful, finishing touch.

At Hair Color by Rosa, we are more than a standard beauty salon, we provide the best hair extensions in Miami, FL.

Hair Botox

Hair botox is a deep conditioning treatment that gives you easy to manage, beautiful every day hair with little effort when it comes to styling.

Forget your hair woes and worrying about whether you want to curl or straighten your hair in this one-day smoothing hair treatment. Hair botox penetrates deep into your hair and does not just rest on the outer layers. And yes, you can even wash your hair on the same day and do not need to spend restless nights sleeping without your pillow!

If you are looking for a professional beauty salon in Miami, FL contact Hair Color by Rosa today! Our hair stylists use the most advanced hair repair and straightening formula, so there is no hair problem we cannot solve.

Keratin Treatment

Hair Color by Rosa offers quality keratin treatment for those looking to have smoother, sleeker, and straighter hair. Each professional hairdresser on our team will expertly apply this protein to your hair and use a heat tool to seal it. Though the process takes longer than your average haircut, this treatment saves you the time that you would normally spend styling your hair. You will severely cut down the time you spend blow drying and straightening your hair in the morning! Your hair will be less frizzy, softer, and more manageable for weeks to come.

If you are looking to add color to your hair, our beauty salon offers long lasting beautiful colors. If you have a special event coming up, our hair coloring and styling will give you the fabulous hairdo you need to stand out.

Contact Hair Color by Rosa in Miami, FL for all your beauty salon needs. Our friendly and experienced hair stylists will help your hair look its best.


Best Hair Color in Miami, FL

You are very important! Hair Color by Rosa is the best hair colorist in Miami and you will be treated with a lot of care. Whether you found your first gray hair and need a professional hair color correction service, or you're looking for professional hair services to bring out your natural beauty and boost your confidence, we pride ourselves on being the best hair color specialists in Miami.

We are in border of Coral Gables, at a very convenient location. We are hair color specialists, providing the best hair highlights possible that you can get in Miami.

Our beauty salon services are customized according to what your hair needs are. We use the best products in the market and special conditioners in the hair color we add to make your hair shiny and beautiful, making it look very natural. We keep up with all of the latest trends and new exciting techniques to give our customers today's best looks.

At Hair Color by Rosa, your hair stylist will give you one on one attention to make sure your needs are met. We even offer hair botox for those looking for smooth hair treatments and hair extensions, very popular products in the market. We also offer keratin treatment, which lasts for three months and looks very natural as well. If your hair is damaged, we offer hair conditioning treatment which can help repair your hair. We have something for everyone, which is why many of our customers think of our beauty salon as a place where they can get away and relax for a while. If you need a professional to do your hair, this is your salon!

Hair color by Rosa
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Our Services:

  • Hair Color
  • Balayage
  • Multi Color Highlights
  • Platinum Hair
  • Double Process Color
  • Haircuts
  • Human Hair Extensions
  • Blow Dry

Hair Botox | Keratin Treatment | Hair Highlighting

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